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Reach Your Ultimate Goal …. in becoming an Airline Pilot & Cabin Crew Member

Applying to Global Aviation is an easy process. Apart from the application form, there are also highly experienced people waiting for your call or email, in order to answer all of your questions.

Thank you for choosing Global Aviation for your training

How to apply

These are the ways that you can apply to bring you closer to fulfilling your dreams.


The medical certificate is a statement from an approved medical doctor that the applicant fulfills the health requirements to operate an aircraft in flight.


An assessment will take place on the Academy’s Ground School Training Center in Athens, Greece. The assessment is focused on English language knowledge, aptitude skills, general interest, mathematics, physics, and basic psychometrics.

VISA issuing process

In order for a non-EU national to enter and study in Greece, it is mandatory to obtain a student VISA (Type D visa) from the Greek Consulate of his/her country.

Residence permit

A residence permit is any documentation issued by the Greek authorities, according to which a third country citizen is given the right to reside legally within Greek territory, in accordance with the provisions of the European Union


Global Aviation co-operates with a wide range of international and domestic suppliers in order to provide high quality uniforms and accessories.


If you choose to train with Global Aviation, you will benefit from Greece's excellent weather conditions, preventing any delays in your flight training.

Austro Control Examinations

Since June 2020 Global Aviation S.A. has been offering the option to all EASA student pilots to participate in the Austro Control examinations at their ground school facilities in Athens-Greece.

Theoretical Examinations

The Hellenic Civil Share DescriptionAviation Authority (HCAA) schedules the theoretical examinations sitting every month and it announces the schedule 15 days prior to every sitting at HCAA website

Solidarity Programme

The Global Aviation Solidarity Programme was created as an aid to pilots and cabin crew personnel that have been furloughed and airline cadet pilots whose training courses have been suspended or cancelled, as a direct impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on ai


In this section, Global Aviation has listed some questions and answers, commonly known as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).