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An assessment will take place on the Academy’s Ground School Training Center in Athens, Greece. The cost of the assessment is €300 which must be paid in advance. If the student passes the assessment the amount of €300 will be deducted from the total cost of the course.

The assessment is focused on English language knowledge, aptitude skills, general interest, mathematics, physics, and basic psychometrics. The applicant shall start the assessment with an English language evaluation and a basic pre-entry test, followed by an interview with our Admission representative. Then the applicant shall complete the Compass test which is designed to give applicants considering a career as an airline pilot an early indication of their potential ability to pilot an aircraft.


The Compass test is typical of the sort of tests that airlines may use when selecting pilots for training. The Compass test includes the following subparts:

  • Control
  • Slalom
  • Memory
  • Mathematics
  • Orientation
  • Tech Test
  • Task Manager

Control and Slalom measure how well you are able to co-ordinate your hand and foot movements. Memory scores your ability to memorize data for a short time and then reproduce it while Mathematics scores how fast and accurately you can make simple calculations of the sort a pilot might need to make. Orientation examines your ability to interpret instrument readings and use them to locate an aircraft relative to a fixed point. The Tech Test examiners your physics and mechanics understanding. The final test is Task manager, which scores how quickly, and accurately you can perform two different tasks in the same time frame. During the day the applicant will have the chance to have a tour on the Academy’s Ground School base.

The applicant will visit the Academy’s Airport base in Megara, participating in a meeting with a member of Admission department. The applicant will have the assessment results so as to plan the next steps of the enrolment accordingly. During the day the applicant will have the chance to have a tour on the Academy’s Airport base.