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0 to ATPL Mega Course

(Zero to ATPL) Including Accommodation + Food + Transportation.


The Literal meaning of “All Inclusive”


This course is structured based on continuous studies, it includes everything that you need as a student from the moment you step into Greece, until the moment you get your Airline Transport Pilot License.

Nothing is hidden or missing here, simply enroll in this course, follow its structure and guidelines, and we proudly do the rest.

What does the course include?

  • Airport Pickup on Arrival
  • Mobile Sim-Card with Internet 
  • Full support in settling down
  • Resident Permit Issuance Support
  • Social Security Number Issuance Support
  • Student Pilot Airport Access
  • English, Arabic & specific Language Assistance
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Internet
  • Electricity & Water 
  • Uniform
  • Ground School Training
  • Flight Training 
  • Transportation
  • Study Materials & Books for all Subjects
  • CBT (Computer Based Training)
  • Maps & Charts
  • Flight Computers
  • Knee Board
  • Aircraft Manuals
  • Landing Fees
  • Approach Fees
  • Examination Fees
  • Skill Test Fees
  • Class 1 Medical Certificate Issuance and Fees
  • Aircraft Fuel Costs and Taxes
  • Tax Free
In simple words, everything you need to move in, settle & get your Airline Transport Pilot License.

Course Structure

PhaseTheoretical KnowledgeFlight Training
Phase 1Stage1: Theoretical Training & Lectures (Full Ground School Training) + Exams Preparation & Revision13 Flying Hours SEP
Phase2&3Stage2: Theoretical Training & Lectures (Full Ground School Training) + Exams Preparation & Revision Brush-ups20 Flying hours SEP & 48.5 Flying Hours SEP/IR/PBN(Basic & Intermediate)
Phase 4Stage3: Revision & Preparation for HCAA Examinations. HCAA Exams 100 Flying Hours SEP/MEP/SIM/IR
Phase 5N/A48.5 Flying Hours SIM/Advanced MCC/Advanced UPRT *Flight Skill Test

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