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We have listed some questions and answers, commonly known as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). These are some basic questions that most potential students commonly ask when contacting Gulf Air Academy.

Gulf Air Academy uses the best material in the industry, cooperating with CATS Aviation, one of the best providers in the UK & the world for the ground and distance learning material.

You can start your Private Pilot Licence training at the age of 16 & Commercial Pilot Licence (ATPL) at the age of 17.

No, in order to begin your pilot training, you don’t need to have any other degree.

The only requirements are: the age limits mentioned above (depending on each course), sufficient knowledge of English & for the applicant to be able to pass the Class I Medical (ATPL) /Class II Medical (PPL).

We provide our students with courses that offer a direct job placement at the end of it, guaranteeing a job opportunity to start their career. Gulf Air Academy has a dedicated course (ATPL + Flight Instructor + Job Opportunity) for a direct job placement with us, after the training finishes.

Yes, you can. We understand the different circumstances & needs of each one, therefore we can tailor our courses to fit your needs within the requirements of EASA to help you complete the training in the best way for you.

In Gulf Air Academy, we try to be as flexible & supportive as we can regarding our payments. The fees can be done in instalments throughout the duration of your training, depending on the course and its duration.

Yes, we do provide modern & fully furnished accommodation with all needs included in some of courses by default, and optional in others with a very favourable rate.

Also, along with the accommodation we provide Transportation to/from the academy and the airport throughout the duration of your training.

Short answer to this question is No. The expense of the initial Class I Medical, is included in the price of the ATPL Programmes, and it will be done once you Join our Academy.

For the applicants requiring a Student Visa, they will need to acquire a simple medical for the embassy, which can be done in any hospital in their region.