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Medical Class I Certificate

The medical certificate is a statement from an approved medical doctor that the applicant fulfills the health requirements to operate an aircraft in flight. All pilots, students or license holders, must hold a valid medical certificate in order to exercise the privileges of their airman certificates. The periodic medical examinations required for medical certification are conducted, by designated aviation medical examiners, who are physicians with a special interest in aviation safety and training in aviation medicine.

For the initial Class 1 medical examination, students need to contact the 251 Hellenic Air Force Aeromedical Center (K.A.I.) in Athens, or the IASI Aeromedical Center in Thessaloniki.

The 251 Hellenic Air Force Aeromedical Center accepts student pilots every Tuesday and Thursday mornings with an appointment. The student must be at the Medical Center on time, so as to start his medical examinations. The medical certificate is issued on the day of the examinations and the cost is approximately €195, which is paid on the same day. The certificate is valid for 1 year. This is solely the responsibility of the holder, to renew and carry with him/her when on duty.

251 Hellenic Air Force Aeromedical Center (K.A.I.) GR AMC 16001

The IASI Aeromedical Center in Thessaloniki accepts students only with appointment. The student will be informed of the results on the same day from the doctors of the center. The cost of the medical examinations is approximately €350 and is paid on the same day of the examinations.

IASI Aeromedical Center GR AMC 002
Dimitrakopoulos Ioannis GR AME 10017
Kiriakou Grigorios GR AME 10005
Vasileios Pantazis

The cost depends on the type of medical certificate and it ranges from €100 to €150.