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Jane Sullivan


Brief info

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Our courses and programs

0 to ATPL (Modular)

This program will get you to an ATPL through what is commonly called the Modular pathway.

0 to ATPL Mega Course

This course is structured based on continuous studies, it includes everything that you need as a student from the moment you step into Greece, until the moment you get your Airline Transport Pilot Licence.

0 to ATPL (Integrated)

Integrated ATPL also referred to as the 0 to ATPL course, grants its holder the highest level of pilot certification.

ATPL Integrated + FI & Job Opportunity

In this course, the student is taken from zero experience all the way to a guaranteed job opportunity with Gulf Air Academy in less than 2 Years.

Modular ATPL – for Cabin Crew

In this program will get you to an ATPL through what is commonly called the Modular pathway.

Students about the training team

It was a truly amazing experience for me to get my PPL at this flying academy. The training was professionally organized, and the crew who helped us study worked hard to make it as much effective as possible. Thanks a lot!

Nasim Noor

Nasim Noor


Thanks to this awesome course, I am now a First Officer in Ireland ! I appreciate the hard work that your team does for the trainees – the course went smoothly with tons of useful information. You are great!

Omar Hilal

Omar Hilal


It was fun and exciting to learn at your flying academy! The instructors know exactly what they do, and I was fully aware of the risks and the trust that the students put in this training. I completed my license and night VFR fast and effectively. Thank you!

Ali Zeshan

Ali Zeshan


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