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Things you need to consider before choosing a flight school

• The School (Course Outline and Training)
Before anything else, check the training and course outline of the flight school. Aside from flight training and management. Find out if the flight school provides the license you are looking for (EASA)
Make sure the course covers all what you need for your purpose.

• Location
It is one of the key elements in getting the best training, the location of the school might be inconvenient in many aspects, you need to make sure that it has its offices in a convenient place to reach, and that you have accessibility to your basic daily life needs, for example:
1- Governmental Services.
2- Airport
3- CAA Pilots examination center
4- Pilot Medical Center

• Cost
Assess whether or not the cost is appropriate and worth the program that the school offers and most importantly, no hidden fees.

• After Graduations Services:
It is vital to know if the academy you are signing up for has good connections, support, and means to provide you with assistance in your next step after graduation, which is finding a job.
Some academies can connect you with airlines, others can provide you with a job as a flight instructor with them, make sure to have one of these options in hand.

• The Weather
The key in aviation is the weather, making sure that the weather in the place you are going to is actually stable enough for you to fly without having your flights cancelled day after day because of weather.


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