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VISA issuing process

In order for a non-EU national to enter and study in Greece, it is mandatory to obtain a student VISA (Type D visa) from the Greek Consulate of his/her country. Global Aviation can assist you in obtaining a student visa following your acceptance in a pilot training course. Consulates in different countries have their own requirements for the issuance of student visas, although, consulates in all countries will require the acceptance letter from Global Aviation in order to start the process. The issuing of VISA rests solely on the Greek embassies or consulates in the student’s country.

The procedure for the visa application is simple. When the student passes the Initial Assessment and Medical Class I, Global Aviation will issue all the needed documents from its side to be submitted to the Greek Consulate in the student’s country of residence in order for the student to start the visa issuance procedure. This procedure may take up to 6 months (the duration depends on the security background checks your application will go through by Greek authorities).

If the student wishes to apply for a Visa, he/she is requested to download and read the application guide and find all the documents needed for submission. The guide provides the student with useful information on how to prepare his/her documents, as accurately as possible while at the same time the student must contact the consulate for cross-checking of the needed documents for the visa application. This will reduce the risk of your application being incomplete or having unnecessary delays.