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ATPL + Flight Dispatcher

One of our main courses offered is the ATPL Integrated Course. This course is designed to get an individual from absolutely no flight experience in aviation all the way to obtaining the ATPL, with all the necessary requirements to be selected by a Commercial Airline.

This course is designed to save the student 2 years of his life. The student will be studying to get 2 certificates simultaneously (Airline Transport Pilot License + Flight Dispatcher).

At the end of this course, you will have:

  • Airline Transport Pilot License
  • Flight Dispatcher
Course Description

Our many years of experience in the Aviation Industry has guided us to the decision of including all the equipment and fees needed for the ATPL Integrated Course within our initial prices.

Prices are ALL INCLUSIVE and includes the below:

  • Uniform

  • Accommodation (Optional)

  • Transportation

  • Studying Materials & Books (All Subjects)

  • CBT (Computer Based Training)

  • Maps & Charts

  • Flight Computer

  •  Knee-board

  • Aircraft Manuals

  • Landing Fees

  • Approach Fees

  • Examination Fees

  • Medical Certificate Fees {*initial}

  • Fuel

  • Tax Free

  • Flight Dispatcher Lessons


We also know that relocating to a foreign country, even if it is temporary and for education purposes, can be an incredibly challenging experience, especially for our younger applicants. Due to this, we have created solutions for Accommodation, with an extra charge, and Students can enjoy the full benefits of Athens, one of the tourist capitals of the world, whilst they complete their training.

Pre-entry Requirements
Minimum 17 years of age

Be able to obtain Class I Medical Certificate

Sufficient Knowledge of English