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Course Description

Learning to fly advanced, twin-engine complex aircraft will give you first-hand experience in multi-engine specific procedures and operations such as takeoff V-speeds, asymmetric flight, and so on, which will be proved essential for your career.
The MEP (multi-engine piston) class rating holders are entitled to fly acting as PIC (Pilot-In-Command) in any piston, single-pilot certified, and multi-engine airplane.


Entry Requirements

    • Students must hold a PPL(A) or CPL(A)
    • Medical certificate Class II
    • 70 hours as PIC (Pilot-In-Command)


Course Details

    • Duration:5 Days
    • Location: Athens, Greece
    • Cost: 3,600 EURO


Course Structure (5 Days)

    • Stage1: 7 Hours of Ground instruction & training
    • 6 hours flight training
    • Graduation
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